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We are blessed in our household to have 2 February birthdays, my Hubby’s and one of my daughters’, who just turned 15.

Long ago, when I loved Facebook, I would often send a silly birthday video around on friends’ birthdays, but I gave that up after Facebook morphed into something beastly and uncontrollable and generally not to my liking.

Here’s one of my favorite birthday songs. A perfect rendition doesn’t seem to exist on youtube, which is fitting because birthdays aren’t about perfection. Even I can’t sing this song, of course because I can’t do all the different parts by myself, and partly because my daughters haven’t learned the other parts to sing it with me. You have to bear through about a minute-and-a-half of jabbering at the beginning, but then it picks up okay. It’s a little too white for me, but I do think it was written by a white guy, so there.

Of course the best birthday songs around here are the ones we sing out loud on the actual day (this includes not only the traditional birthday song, but also the Waldorf-learned “We Wish You a Happy Birthday,” which is refreshing and can be sung in a round, like so many songs Waldorf).

I posted a poem the other day also in honor of my oldest daughter’s birthday. The poem was certainly prompted by that yogic body memory, stored inside my intelligent cells and brought to the fore by some deep posture, but also by my daughter’s not infrequent plaint “Why did you have kids if it’s so hard?”

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