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Never never never never have I ever ever ever wanted vanity plates for my car

Never say never because now that I’m fifty, it’s either a second tattoo or vanity plates. Not really, but it sounds like a good threat, doesn’t it?

Now that I have a sense of what it must’ve been like to be a Dead Head, you know since I feel like I could follow Wilco all over the USA and be happy about it, I think I might consider the following license plate:




but QUEENPIN is probably too many letters

maybe TWINKLY so you all know me when I drive by

From the Solid Sound Festival this year, the Friday night all-request show by Wilco. Although they played covers of others’ songs almost exclusively, this one is their own. You have to excuse some of the footage, but the sound is good, real good.

*what’s the asterisk for? It is so you know that I’ll be editing yesterday’s post—making some changes, probably by day’s end. Sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me and I forget what is precious and dear and private.

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New Picture, self

You know, I want to put a new photo of myself up. On Facebook, I switch my profile picture a lot a lot a lot. I love to do that on FB. Here, there’s not such an opportunity. Even posting many photos in a post is not great. It’s the layout or my dashboard set up or both. I’m not sure. I guess there are blog formats more suited to photography and this isn’t one of them. I always like the way O’Brien‘s photos look on her blog. They are never crowded or too much. Just perfect.

I’m not sure about the whole “gravatar” thing. There was one photo I put of seaweed from a beach in Rockport and then another photo from a trip to Storm King–I’m in front of the Andy Goldsworthy wall. Those are the “gravatar” photos here on my wordpress account. I’m not quite sure how to alter them or even how to delete and exchange them…maybe I could figure it out.

It’s easy to keep photos up of myself that are flattering. It’s easy to keep photos of myself as I was younger–even 6 months can make a difference nowadays, but really more like 8 months and I notice a difference. It’s not that I’d put up a photo that’s bad or unflattering, but I should like to stay a little honest.

One problem is that our camera has had a spot of water on the lens, and I mean smack dab in the middle of the lens, for over 2 years. Christ-amighty what’s wrong with us? That does mean some photos get weeded out automatically.

This is a good one. Or maybe it’s not. It’s sort of stupid, just standing for a photo. I’m usually behind the camera, but I like photos better that are taken in interesting places or with my kids. But I won’t put photos of them here anyway. I’m quite vain, you know. Maybe you can tell. Maybe it takes vanity to have a blog. I like to read my own words and sometimes I read them over and over. Mostly the poems.

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