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I would title the post Love, but it looked and felt wrong. My next thought for a title? LOVE. Then, love. You can see what I finally chose.

Love is a kind of choosing, isn’t it? Even when we’ve been taken by love without our consent. Like the photos of adoptable dogs I pore over or the way I feel when I see my friend’s 3-year old son. That love comes without effort, question, or want.

I suppose Valentine’s Day is the most fun of all holidays if it is not taken too seriously. For if you take it too seriously, you will find something in which to be disappointed: I have no boyfriend/girlfriend; my beau didn’t get me flowers, or enough or the right color; my beau didn’t propose to me today; my love didn’t give me chocolate, a dinner out, a blowjob. Single people could be bummed out and feel less than; paired off people could find fault; so why not take it with a grain of salt? There is enough love of many kinds to go around.

All the years with children have made it fun indeed. Decorating cards to hand out in school when they were little, decorating the breakfast table, cutting food into heart-shapes. Chocolates and flowers some years, some not.

I finally got excited for Valentine’s Day at about 4 in the afternoon yesterday and went on a chocolate-buying spree and made plans in my head for the girls’ breakfast. At 4 am, I woke and paper-punched some tiny hearts all over the table, crawled back into bed and at 8:30 am (one day a month is late start day for the school), I made batter for waffles.

In the past, I would have used some sort of cut-out heart to sprinkle a heart pattern on top of their waffles, but I could not summon more motherly love than I already had. Sigh.


I’ve always loved Rickie Lee Jones doing this, but Chet Baker comes in a close second. Be still my beating heart.

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Today felt right. I did good things for myself. I found a creative solution for a family conflict. I was supportive and did not show my frustration when my kid needed support and an absence of frustration. I was lucky enough to have (probably) the only non-nerdy “genius” to teach my One-to-One session at the Apple Store. That kind of felt right day.

As much as I love many things and people today, I’ve chosen a romantic tune, meaning I’m weighing heavily on the side of eros, as opposed to philia or agape. You know my friend, Anastasia mou, taught me a little bit of Greek in high school and I remember those words…or maybe I learned them in Philosophy class. My first boyfriend was Greek and his name was Theophilos. I’m not making that up either.

This is the first time I’ve posted a gif. It’s obnoxious, isn’t it? That’s why I made it small. I don’t like flashy things like this, but you know I like hearts. How do these things even work? Does it take more fossil fuel to power it? Is it therefore secretly evil? What happens to it when no one is looking?

I looked up last year’s Valentine’s Day Music Monday and the song was even more romantic than the following song. Romantic to the power of Nina Simone and smokin’ hot. But I realize that last year Hubby was on a business trip in Germany, so that wasn’t so romantic because I did not accompany him.

This one’s not as hot, but it is sweet and I’ve always loved it.

Enjoy and may your Valentine’s Day be red and pink and sweet and hot and chocolate-y and full of love, any and all kinds of love to your heart’s content!

SWAK, twinkly

There’s a really nice live version, but the audience is too audible, so I’ll leave it to you to find and watch

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My Valentine is far, far away.

Happy Valentine’s Day, I miss you baby!

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