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I missed Thankful Thursday last week. I didn’t realize it until about this Monday. Did my week go less well? Was I steeped in negativity, naughtiness, evil thoughts and deeds? Were the temptations of Satan harder to resist? Well, no. Still, I am trying to get the rhythm right.

Grateful today for:


The blossoming trees which are everywhere right now. All over my neighborhood, all throughout downtown. The cherry and tulip trees. Magnolias, too, if my eyesight is to be trusted. Pinks and purples, and white flowers blooming like snow.

The moisture in the air. The misty rains. The wind. The window is open at the front of my mudroom and the window is open at the back of the mudroom and the curtains billow, knocking over all of my tchotchkes and papers.

The word tchotchke http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tchotchke

Shit. I’m trying. I really am. But I’m just inventing stuff now. And my life is relatively easy. I have enough of everything, a house, Hubby, great kids. I am not in the South (tornadoes) or Japan or in a war zone.

Here’s something real. I followed this woman for a few hundred feet in Provincetown last week because I loved her umbrella. I think she was Italian. Why that matters, I don’t know, but it’s interesting anyway.

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