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Lesson One: Word Recognition

It is well known that dogs can understand up to 40 words.

Today, you will choose the first ten words you would most like your dog to learn.

You will see that some of these examples contain more than one word; for our purposes, they function as one multisyllabic word.

Here our the first ten we’ve decided on for Tweedy:




4. OFF!

5. NO!



8. DOWN!


10. in your crate

You know how helpful it is to encourage visual recognition when a young one is first learning words. To facilitate this, we have taped note cards with each word or phrase in boldface letters on corresponding objects around the house.


Good luck with your pooch. Don’t forget to lead every lesson with the three Cs: confidence, calmness, and consistency.

Remember that no matter how many shoes he ruins, no matter how many $100 vacuum cords he chews, no matter how many wool rugs on which he poops, your dog’s ultimate goal is to please you, his loving owner.

NEXT WEEK: Lesson Two: Is Fido Ready for a Second Language?


Until we meet again, rrrrrrruff from twinkly and Tweedy!

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I have only ever had one dog, my baby, Agatha Bean Glatter 1992-2008. She was an 8-week old pup when I got her and I crate-trained, housebroke, and leash-trained her. It wasn’t perfect and she was never great on the leash, but she was good and definitely manageable. We tended to hike exclusively in places where no leash was required and that’s how we rolled; “city” walking wasn’t too important. Also, for her entire life we had a fenced-in yard. Digging was a bit of a problem when she was a pup, but she quickly gave it up.

This one? He is 7 months, a rescue of sorts (he was turned over by his owners from Virginia and shipped north to Massachusetts; not an abandoned or abused dog like many of the “Dixie dogs” that find their way from several Southern (RED) states to our true blue Massachusetts. I am tired of the ignorance that seems to extend from the political climate in the South even into how people care for their pets (or rather don’t care for their pets)—no spaying or neutering, over-breeding of certain types of dogs, abuse.

Anyway, he is getting a bit used to the leash after 4 days. Has been peeing outside fairly successfully. Pooping? Def not an outdoor activity in his mind. Whining in the crate and being let out immediately because the family cannot sleep? Yup. We are instilling a BAD BAD habit.

I don’t know how to get through the feeling that I have an infant again. I hate the feeling of being chained and controlled by HIS needs and schedule. I hate being sleep-deprived. And even though I love him, I need a lot of encouragement to remember that it’s temporary, that sleep does eventually come, that creating a bad, quick-fix habit is no substitute for a few days’ suffering to gain a lifetime of better behavior. Yup, just like babies.

Dog-adoption PPD? I’d say that’s about right.

IMG_1350Who’s a good dog? Not yet. But soon, I hope. Soon.

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