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This week we find ourselves on Cape Cod. Each time we head to the Cape, we are treated to a rotating group of approximately 11 songs sung by a rotating group of approximately 7 girls: When I Was a Wee Wee Tot; I Bought a Goat; Cape Cod Girls; Two Little Buggies; Green and Yeller are amongst the titles.

Trying to find good examples on youtube of any of the above songs, which are generally learned at summer camp or passed down from parent to child or from friend to friend, is a difficult task. Sometimes the lyrics can be found, but usually many variations exist with no definitive version.

I wanted to post Cape Cod Girls for obvious reasons. But I wasn’t happy with what I found on youtube. Too sloppy, too sincere, too goofy, too slow, too long, too plodding, too poorly recorded, too few verses.

Here is one of my favorite renditions of Look at the Coffin, a song we learned several years ago from one of the [now] teenage-girls. There seem to be two basic modes for this song–slow and sincere or fast and ironic. Can you tell where this guy’s sentiments lie?

I know it’s a bit strange. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a gold mini-van, circa 2000, with 150K miles, 5 teenage girls in the back, 2 adults in the front, all singing the same song at the top of our lungs. It’s a hoot. Learn it and pass it on.

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