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One of my favorite Tim Minchin songs (you can read my earlier Tim Minchin Music Monday post, too):

I don’t have much to add. The Advent calender is coming along beautifully, I haven’t figured out much about Christmas presents, and we don’t have our tree yet.

Oh, and Tim Minchin’s daughter’s name is Violet–he gets bonus points for that, as if I didn’t like him enough already.

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I was away for a couple of days with Hubby and kiddies over Memorial Day and then again for a few for my 20-year wedding anniversary.

I skipped my regularly-scheduled posts last week because I was entranced by the magic of knowing that 20 years of marriage means something. Or at least it means something to me. I feel blessed and special and wonderful, strong and formidable, more than the sum of my parts in spite of myself. I know there is a we, an us, something I am a part of beyond myself as a mother, a time and place to look forward to even after my kids will leave the house. I feel grand.

DeCordova Sculpture Garden

My new-found travel destination, Cape Ann, Massachusetts, including Alchemy and Trattoria

Fresh Spring Arugula. Bitter and lively, dancing in a light vinaigrette, maybe some fresh chevre, maybe some shaved parm, maybe some bacon lardons, but capable of putting hair on your chest and a spring in your step even sans accompaniment.

The Dutch and Flemish Masters exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum

Time with Hubby

All things Hubby

Twenty years of Hubby-ness

Good sleep (of which I haven’t gotten enough lately)

Good grammar

Bad grammar when I want to

Gathering all the different kinds of lavender from my garden beds to dry and make into little ribbon-ed bundles

Tim Minchin

Get it? It’s two hearts.

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I’ve taken a week off due to the fact of having celebrated TWENTY YEARS OF MARRIAGE last week (boldface indicates shouting from the rooftops and much feelings of joy and wonderment in anticipation over the last few weeks).

On Saturday night, we went to see Tim Minchin in Boston.

It was a little hard for me to choose what video of him to post, but I decided on this one because it’s a little less edgy and less un-PC than a lot of his stuff. If he comes around to your area, I recommend seeing him live. He’s part cabaret, part stand-up, part theater; all talent, wordsmith, piano player, songwriter; and always ready to crush on anything anyone holds sacred, including Y-O-U (and M-E, believe me). Quite refreshing!

I hope to be back in the swing of things for the rest of the week!

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