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First day of 9th Grade for my youngest, just past dawn tomorrow morning.

The older kid? 11th Grade.

we don’t notice any time passĀ 

but I do….I see the empty nest on the horizon.

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I done wrote a long post, but rather than subject you to it, I’ve decided to do the video first and the blabbin’ later, that way you can read it or shuck it as you see fit

I’m thinkin’ ’bout MY DOORBELL

(don’t worry, the herky-jerky is all part of the fun!)

I’m thinkin’ ’bout

the half rabbit that was left for us at the back door this morning. I mean, a perfect pair of rabbit legs, hiney, and a cottontail courtesy of our cat Miss Lilly. She is a killer extraordinaire. Tally for Spring aught 12 so far? 2 perfect and rather large chipmunks on successive days; 1 vole; one largish mole, which I found endearing for some reason due to its perfectly evolved digging “paws” and weird nose; one spleen or liver or something yesterday; and today’s beautiful bunny wabbit. Miss Lilly had a steamboat, she also had a bell, but she is good at being a cat no matter.

in the distance from the fields in Hadley, the beauty of the downy fluff of new buds on the trees on the Holyoke Range

that I have to hang up bras to dry for 3 females

that I otter be makin’ my granola, but I am too exhausted

how much I (yes, I purposely left off the ‘ve) been doing for Hubby and Eldest, in order that they may have an easier time getting out the door to China on Weds. This is usual–extra laundry organization, extra purchase of snacks for car trip to JFK, extra car care–oil change (it’s due anyway), car inspex (it’s overdue anyway), clear it out of junk (always overdue), fill the tank. Hubby’s on his own for getting the tires changed out and wasn’t that a kick in the nuts (not that I’d know but I have experienced EXTREME ovarian pain) since this was the first year he’d gotten snow tires (as a remedy for no longer having a Suburu) and we didn’t even have snow?

that my man and my kid will be gone for 10 days

my extreme lack of sleep, cumulative for weeks now (I seemed to catch up a coupla days here and there, but last night was a doozy)

I know, it came to me today when I was running god’s errands, that I am manic because I am trying to deflect the fact of their imminent departure. You have no idea how much I hate it when my man’s done gone. My kid–it seems more like she should be doing things like this and I’ll miss her madly and worry about her, too, but I’m never used to Hubby Away.

I’m happy though and I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout MY DOORBELL

11:29 PM: LATE-BREAKING ADDENDUM: I also remembered today, as I wrote out a check for my groceries, that this was the birthday of one of my Big High School Crushes. It was a funny memory, I laughed. I’m so smack-dab middle-aged, I don’t even want to think about it let alone admit that I qualify for this label. Oh, high school, oh crush, oh DKV!

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