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A Stupid Poem for Winter

What is this stuff?
What is this snow?
Why is it white?
We just don’t know

It covers our feet,
it covers our toes,
it hangs from the branches,
it hangs from our nose

It causes our hubby
to climb on the roof
We fear he will fall
and chip off a toof

It causes fat ice dams;
our windows start leaking
and husband on ladder
a-starts me to freaking

The kids have been home
for nigh 30 days,
Ergo my new wrinkles
and so many new grays

Do they go outside
to build a snow fort?
Do they learn how to ski,
start a new winter sport?

No, it’s the digital age,
they are plugged into their iPods,
They watch Netflicks and Hulu
and get very soft iBods.

I really am tired of bad winter luck,
If the snow doesn’t stop,
you’ll hear me scream “I’m moving to Florida!”
But I hate it there, too.

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