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grateful: the beach and ocean, tomorrow, maybe overnight to Saturday. This time, it’ll be Crane, the greatest beach in the world.

Stinkhorn fungi. I am starting to like them. How can you not love a group of organisms given the taxonomic family name phallaceae? I mean, how can you not love a penis? I like all of the freaky weird words that get applied to these plants organisms and their parts: gleba, hymenophore, fungal-fruiting body. Like Dr. Seuss getting his freak on, yo.

I love that there’s a website called mushroomexpert.com. That’s where I found out that the stinkhorns that pop up in our yard are phallus rubicundus.

This this this:

It gets funnier with each viewing. Well, at least up to five viewings. Love that O’Brien.

And you know what? I don’t love Michelle Bachmann’s new hairstyle that I saw this morning in my yahoo news. It’s bullshit. But, hey, people, this is THANKFUL FUCKING THURSDAY. Did I just say something nasty?

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