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a friend (about 20 years my junior!) at singing last night said I can do tricks with the giant, water-weighted hula hoop, claims I don’t need to get a smaller, lighter one. youtube instructional videos. okay, tomorrow I’ll be hauling my Mac onto the back porch with me and the hoop.



crop circles

Simon Beck’s snow art (yes, I looked up his name. he is not the only snow artist though, c’mon people)

today, I think we will get our tax bill


Next week, Hubby leaves for China. 10 days. longest overseas trip ever. Violet will go, too.

I pretty well hate when he’s gone, I do, I really do

Look, it’s not so bad, it’s just not my favorite thing. I’ll miss him. I’ll miss Violet. Annie will miss Violet.

10 days is a long time

Look, you people, you HAVE to answer this quiz:

1. age is a state of mind, true or false?

2. losing one’s mental acuity is not inevitable with age, true or false? what about visual acuity?

3. what time is it?

4. how fast does the time go?

5. who knows where the time goes?

6. do you know that song reference? You better!

7. or else!

8. how physically active can one remain and into what year of one’s life? 78? 80? 84? 87? 93?

9. do you know the thing about old deer/young deer? The old deer won’t try new foods, but the young deer will. The old deer play it safe, but the young deer increase their possibilities for new food sources and, though they don’t know it, they increase their neural connections (as well as risk of eating poisonous plants). that’s how it was told to me, even if it is just a metaphor.

10. are you an old deer or a young deer?

11. laying down new neural connections is the shit

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