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This was spotted in the parking lot at the Mutton and Mead Festival which we attended in June (Hubby affectionately refers to it as the Bosom and Midriff Festival).

Although the pull-along camper is one of the most interesting things I saw at the festival, I also saw this:

We saw a FULL JOUST with guys splitting their lances (sexy!) and a woman riding a large steed sidesaddle. She had the kind of aforementioned bosom popping out of her burgundy velvet with gold-brocade frock. Look, I know you don’t believe me, so here:

It was at least 90 degrees (with full sun, as you can see) that day. Can you say sweaty peasants?

Hey, folks. I have no working TV reception so I am totally missing out on the Olympics. FUCK.

I have lots to share, as usual, but mostly it’s photos, just like in today’s post. I will have to bring you up-to-date on our recent 2 Wilco shows in one week. I do have a new favorite Wilco song and all of a sudden, my T key is sticking. FUCK again, but at least FUCK is not spelled with a t.

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