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I love the word rasp. It’s fun to say and it looks great.

I like the rasp I use to zest citrus fruits, but I also like the zester I use. Which is better? The zester makes long ribbons of the rinds and they are pretty and it’s fun and satisfying, but the rasp makes a better and quicker amount of zest.

I don’t use a wood rasp, though, because I am not a woodworker.

I like the nature of a raspy voice (not really, but that sounded good in my list).

I like raspberries (which you must know if you’ve been paying attention).

I love black raspberries maybe even more than red raspberries, but I only had them once this summer. They were incredibly delicious and delightful. At the farm, we just get red raspberries. I always think that I will plant raspberry bushes, but I haven’t yet. Hopefully, if and when we move, I will finally do it.

And this? How can you not be thankful when you hear this? New England’s own Tim Eriksen:

EEK! I realize that I don’t have a proper credit for the above photo. I am having a bit of a time operating my photo-uploader on wordpress. I also realize that I’m probably remiss in crediting a lot of the photos I upload onto my blog. I mean no harm. If you’d like to find the original, I put “raspberry heart” in the google images search bar. That should do the trick!

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