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Paul and I will be your performing monkeys on Saturday, February 18 at 8 pm, in Pittsfield, Mass for the 10 x 10 Variety Show at New Stage Performing Arts Center, part of the larger 10 x 10 On North festival. We will be doing a sketch, written by Paul, which debuted last November in Northampton; he never got to see it because he was out of the country.

You know there’s not going to be snow (AGAIN) on Saturday night, so why not come see us instead of heading for Berkshire East? The drive into the Berkshires will be [roughly] the same, culture costs less than skiing, and you can have that romantic dinner you planned for Valentine’s Day but couldn’t do because Tuesday was a school night and you had to stay home with kiddies. To top it all off, Pittsfield recently did not fast-track a new meth clinic right downtown.

Again, your choice, this:


or something more akin to this

If you do show up, wave from your seat, blow air kisses, and feel free to buy us drinks (but at least wait until we’ve delivered our last lines).

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