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It is Music Monday. I’ve mustered it for now, though we all aren’t sure this will continue for all of 2012. Right now, I need rhythm because my body is out of control. These aren’t songs that feature rhythm in the way I’d pick a song that features rhythm (think Ray Charles, yo), but I mean Music Monday gives me purpose and routine and I’m all for it right now, baby. Keepin’ it real, yo!

Perhaps you were born in the late ’50s or early ’60s and went to an elementary school with the same songs my music teacher taught me. Perhaps you grew up singing this song. Perhaps you don’t remember the lyrics. I know I didn’t. About 3 years ago, I looked for it to teach to my girls. Many examples exist on youtube. This is not a great example, but is certainly the most charming.

The lyrics I always remembered were the beginning ones–he’s writing a love letter high on the red roof, falls and breaks his whiskers and his little solar plexus–no more than that. I remembered that Sr. Don Gato is revived during his funeral procession through the town as he smells fish from the fish market.

Here you go:

The next song is “Mr. Rabbit.” I grew up listening to 3 or 4 (maybe 5) different Burl Ives’ kids albums. I grew up with Burl Ives’ singing this. Until the song was recorded by Paul Westerberg back in the early ’90s, no one could top Burl. I link here to the studio version. I love the sound of Westerberg’s guitar here.

The only really problem with this song? TOO SHORT! Don’t you hate that?

Here’s a portion of a longer concert and the first song is again Mr. Rabbit. I like it, too. You don’t have to watch. Or listen. Reader’s choice.

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