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hearts and flowers and puppies and unicorns

I suppose I never was a puppies and unicorns kind of girl, but I do remember writing my first name together with the last names of certain crushes when I was in school. Okay, not only grade school. High school. Maybe even college.

Hearts and flowers are okay. I like hearts and flowers.

My latest love is one like the red number up there.

Chez nous, I am the Queen of the Thermostat. In the morning, I set it to 68-69 degrees. This heats the house to about 65 degrees. The furnace guys told me that it is calibrated in such a way that it will always heat the house to around 4 degrees lower than where I set the temperature. We still have an “old-fashioned” dial thermostat, not a fancy digital one. When we converted the house from electric baseboard heat (SO INEFFICIENT AND HIDEOUS!) to natural gas, central heat 12 years ago, we were trying to save a buck. It’s okay; I don’t need no fancy beans and ketchup.*

At night, before I get into bed, I turn the thermostat to about 65. This puts us at 61 degrees at night. Sometimes, I am too wimpy and I leave it so it’s only 62 or 63. But 62 or 63 is too warm and by the middle of the night, I am gasping for cool air and uncovering layers of down and wool.

I have recently discovered our hot water bottle. Nightly, I fill this little red puppy with hot water from the kitchen tap and I am good to go. Why didn’t I start doing this four years ago when I first began to have cold feet all winter long? I do not know. But I am addicted. But in a good way. A healthy way. Except for all of the hot water I am using. But it probably saves on furnace heat. Oh me, oh my, the choices a privileged American girl must make.

You may wonder if I would like something fancier than my red rubber hot water bottle; it is close to Christmas after all.

Something like this, mayhaps?

No, no. I am strong enough to resist the charms of David Hasselhoff and I would NOT like to have his likeness in my bed.

What about one of those knitted covers?

NO! I actually like the feel of the rubber on my feet.** I like to roll the bottle around until it is just right and I suspect that a cover would interfere with my ability to manipulate the bottle pedially (the theoretical adverbial form of the word pedial). I think it might also make it too warm under the covers.

There is one small problem though. It rains in October. It rains in November. It rains all the way throughout December.

Ou sont les neiges d’antan?

I think the days of snow are gone.

Maybe I should let it snow on my blog. But it may be too close to using something like an emoticon and you don’t want me to break character, do you?

I wish this were the only version of White Christmas I had ever heard. Let us hope: from your mouth to God’s ears, Otis Redding; from your mouth to God’s ears.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


** I do not have a rubber fetish

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