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a friend (about 20 years my junior!) at singing last night said I can do tricks with the giant, water-weighted hula hoop, claims I don’t need to get a smaller, lighter one. youtube instructional videos. okay, tomorrow I’ll be hauling my Mac onto the back porch with me and the hoop.



crop circles

Simon Beck’s snow art (yes, I looked up his name. he is not the only snow artist though, c’mon people)

today, I think we will get our tax bill


Next week, Hubby leaves for China. 10 days. longest overseas trip ever. Violet will go, too.

I pretty well hate when he’s gone, I do, I really do

Look, it’s not so bad, it’s just not my favorite thing. I’ll miss him. I’ll miss Violet. Annie will miss Violet.

10 days is a long time

Look, you people, you HAVE to answer this quiz:

1. age is a state of mind, true or false?

2. losing one’s mental acuity is not inevitable with age, true or false? what about visual acuity?

3. what time is it?

4. how fast does the time go?

5. who knows where the time goes?

6. do you know that song reference? You better!

7. or else!

8. how physically active can one remain and into what year of one’s life? 78? 80? 84? 87? 93?

9. do you know the thing about old deer/young deer? The old deer won’t try new foods, but the young deer will. The old deer play it safe, but the young deer increase their possibilities for new food sources and, though they don’t know it, they increase their neural connections (as well as risk of eating poisonous plants). that’s how it was told to me, even if it is just a metaphor.

10. are you an old deer or a young deer?

11. laying down new neural connections is the shit

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A little late today….

I may have hinted at it and I may be repeating myself, but I am grateful for my family and home and for living in Western MA. Nothing like a trip, which included 700+ miles on the road and about 1000 miles in the air, to remind me of what I love and of my many blessings.

Back in Ohio, I was able to catch up with many friends who I hadn’t seen in a lot of years. I attended my 30-year HS reunion in Sylvania. It was strange and surreal and heartening and fun, a blast and really groovy overall.

Really grateful to be sober.

While in Kent, I visited my friend who owns and runs a frame shop. I bought a couple of black squirrel glasses, poked around her new space. Back in the day, I had many things framed by her (when I used to earn a buck and could afford it). She is the best framer I know and runs one of the best businesses in town. Unbeknownst to me, another friend of mine was cutting mats in the basement of the shop right then, so I got to see her as well. What a fabulous surprise.

I got to visit an old roomie of mine, finally see his house and meet his kids (though I met the oldest when she was a baby). He played the tabla for me right next to the newly-created pond that he built for his wife. It was all just so good.

I miss my old life because of those folks.

What else? I attended a wake, unplanned, that. I did get to see my friend from New Mexico who I hadn’t seen, we calculated, in about 17 years. Despite the circumstance, her mother’s death, it was great to be able to see her.

Back in Sylvania, I had the great fortune to stay and hang out with one of my oldest friends. I can’t put into words what that all meant to me. The overarching feelings are just these, gratitude and love.

You know Judy Collins’ does the Sandy Denny song “Who Knows Where the Time Goes,” right? You could play that right now. Or you could listen to this:

Lastly, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys, is that I got to do something I’d wanted to do since I turned 40 and that was a nude photo shoot. A friend of mine recently got a new camera and I volunteered to be a body for her. As it turned out, I wasn’t naked for a lot of it, and Kathy wisely brought some different draping fabrics. She is the professional after all.

This was another full-circle experience because this friend was an attendant and photographer (pre-digital!) at both of my daughters’ births. I am now at the other end of my fertility and she took photos of me again. It was a great experience–educational, fun, and empowering. Not as empowering as having a baby without drugs, but less painful and more fun. For the most part, I wasn’t even naked, just wrapped in gauzy Greek goddess fabrics.

Now go out and get to your next HS reunion and don’t be afraid of getting naked when you’re old! ‘Kay?

photo: ©kgfarthing2011

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