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Provincetown: a pair of little dogs in a pink doggie stroller being fed ice cream by their owner. Egregious behavior? Not until she licked from the same cone and then tried to force feed one of them when it roundly rejected the ice cream. Other details available, just ask.

Window at one of my favorite galleries. On my way to a body and hair like this? Time will tell.

3 flying seahorses grace the handles of the Lipton Cup in the Provincetown Library. The cup was awarded to the great sailing ship the Rosa Dorothea, a reproduction of which is on the 2nd floor. When I say reproduction, I mean half-size, 66 feet long. Part of it is lit in pink. A Cape Cod must-see.

living sculpture:

Advertising for a show, The Naked Boys, I think. After you walk past these guys night after night, it’s awfully hard not to pull that terrycloth down and see what’s going on under there. And such pretty legs. Dang.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Yes, this is the pool that I loved. High tide was often on either side of my poetry writing workshop. The Bay beaches lost a lot of shoreline a couple of years ago in a severe storm, so when the tide is high, there is just water next to a fence; this is why I jumped in the pool morning, noon, and night, naked when possible (also hot flashes are abundant ’round my these parts). I want to go back to the same house. I want to live in the pool.

The full moon last week. It makes me think of the nursery rhyme boys and girls come out to play, the moon doth shine as bright as day….I swear I’ve posted that song here somewhere, but I am too lazy to find it. Perhaps a video is in order?

4th of July, fireworks on the beach. This was a kick, fireworks dotting the shore as far as the eye could see with the closest large display in the harbor at Provincetown. The great thing was that everyone was happy and running around in the cool windy air. Beyond Ptown, on the ocean side, we could see lightening. What a night. Here you can see what someone was shooting off right next to us. Tide coming in, but look how wide the beach is still…

All the girls (lucky man, that Paul):

Back to Ptown: Hubby and my mom, in front of Puzzle Me This, the best store in the world for games and puzzles

a very bold woman or a lost extra from the set of Lord of the Rings:

This is from our last night in Provincetown. We want to laugh at first, but it’s not funny, you know. It reminds me of the Jacques Brel song about the sailors and the whores.

Can you imagine?

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First, Hallelujah, we have wi-fi from an unprotected network. As long as I sit on the upper deck of our house rental (from which I can see the ocean of Cape Cod Bay, can see the sand peeking through the water at low tide—even without my glasses—can feel breeze on my bare skin), I get reception.

BUT WAIT! I have now adjourned to the bedroom, on the same side of the house as the deck, and I have connectivity! No mosquitoes, just the sound of the bullfrogs from the huge pond below! This Cape gets better every minute!

I made a mistake in my recent post, thinking that the puzzle-head sculpture was in front of PAAM; as I was walking in town later in the day, I realized it was in front of one of the many galleries on Commercial Street. You know how I like to be accurate if at all possible, so I thought I’d let you know.

Here are two more photos of sculptures of heads, both of these from the excellent sculpture park, deCordova in Concord, Mass:

I don’t really know why I am putting these here now except that they are extremely cool works of art….

I have much more to share. Provincetown; my poetry; my poetry workshop; the amazingly cool, inspiring, fun, beautiful, poetic, art installation at the Emily Dickinson Museum, “Dwell in Possibility,” which we managed to sneak in on Friday before we left town for the Cape. I’ll give you a peek:

You know, this exhibit has been up for weeks and weeks and although I’d driven by parts of it a number of times, the family waited to see it until the day before it was to be taken down. BUT, oh, how worthwhile. So much to tell, so many poems to post….where to begin?

Internet is sketchy unless I’m on the deck and tho the moon be full and lo I want to write and post, I will retire for now. I think the poems I have been working on in the last little while of my life are good. I am getting better at editing.

Just know that I can see the flat ocean in the distance; it is close, not even a quarter mile down the slope

July is the month of my birth


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Heavenly Chocolate

My favorites are the the mango habanero and the peanut butter sizzle (in the delightful shape of a playing card), both of which are made right in town by Heavenly Chocolate

I also love the little chocolate coffee cup, made by Michel Cluizel

there are many others, but for that, you might as well read my yelp review

The real story today is about their new black currant chocolates:

Heavenly Chocolate used to carry a black currant heart made by Knipschildt. Last fall, I noticed that they stopped carrying them, much to my dismay.

Didn’t I ask the owner one day around the holidays why they didn’t carry these any more and couldn’t something be done about it? How I pined and pined for these delectable palate-pleasers? And he didn’t he ask me, with attentive interest, what I liked about them? And didn’t I tell and tell?

Soon, I received an email update announcing that their new black currant chocolates were available.

They are really, really delicious and perfect and even better than what they carried before. They are made with a locally-produced black currant syrup (I know this because I buy this syrup for myself right from the producers at the Amherst Farmer’s Market). And do not worry, my friends, this is not a gooey fruit center, no, the black currant is infused throughout the chocolate ganache interior.

I’ve been wanting to write this up for Thankful Thursday for a long time and it’s enough, enough for a pause of gratitude.

It’s enough, yes, but it’s not all–have you looked outside tonight at the sky? The moon is incredible, just a sliver shy of being full.

Until I was in my 20s, I didn’t know that each month, the full moon has a name.

You know what one of the names for the April moon is? The Pink Moon, of course. How much do I love that? Here are some other names for April’s moon: the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, the Fish Moon, the Planter’s Moon, the Wildcat Moon and on and on.

Heading out for a walk right now or at least to hula hoop under the moon.

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