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First, I love the boxes that I get at Atkins. When I shop at Atkins, I don’t have my groceries bagged; rather, I grab a box from their Wall of Boxes and stick everything in there.

The Wall of Boxes has a lot of cardboard “crates” in which bananas, melons, hmm, that’s all I can think of, bananas and melons, have been shipped.

The Wall of Boxes also has A LOT of wine and beer boxes. These are the boxes to which I gravitate. They don’t have the huge “breathing” holes nor do they have gunky leftover leaves of plants in the bottoms. The beer and wine boxes tend to be the perfect shape for putting underneath my desk to collect the household paper-recycling and to load with clothes and household goods to send off to the Goodwill (soon, soon, I swear). These boxes are also perfect for packing a cupboard’s worth of foodstuffs for several days on the Cape.

But the real reason to love these boxes is the graphics:

This is the other side of the lemons’ box:

You may not be able to read the fine print, but it says that the trademark on the design goes all the way back to 1928. Pretty cool if you ask me but since you didn’t ask and this is my blog, I get to say what’s cool anyway. Queen of Sheba and Lord Grand Poobah, I am.


And this one, over which Violet nearly flipped (“Mom, Mom, can I have it?”) (blurry photo=apology from twinkly):

So that’s all pretty good for Thankful. But there’s more.

Violet was away at camp for 2 weeks and here I will gush. She came home with hair like this:

And she made, among other amazing things, this:

Alternate view, since it takes a minute to “get it:”

It’s an anatomical heart. Made of glass. Unbelievable that kid of ours (again, sorry about the blurriness of the photo)

If that’s not enough, Annie obtained a cupcake-decorating book last week, so she’s been making cupcakes like mad:

That’s about it for today. It’s a lot, isn’t it? All of this saved you from a Thankful Thursday about men in kilts. Maybe next time:

He’s wearing a pink shirt. You know how I feel about a man in a pink shirt, don’t you?

I just realized this is Gerard Butler in an ad campaign which sort of sucks and makes me want to remove the photo. But he’s so beautiful, I’m just gonna leave it. Plus, those beautiful graphics on the shipping crates are all about advertising, too. This brings the post a little bit full circle. Full circle. Another thing for which I am grateful.

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