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I love our new cat

She doesn’t really have a name yet (even though we got her in December). Considerations have included Strider, Minerva, Felix, Ladybug, Jelly Bean, Little. I call her Ladybug or Little, so I think my official name for her is Ladybug Little Jelly Bean Glatter. She was in bad shape when we adopted her, very sickly and so thin. Now her belly is busting at the seams, so the Jelly Bean part and all those double letters suit her well.

I like the spring peepers’ mating chorus

I love that I found a new artist, Janet K.Miller, last week when I searched google images for “butter devil” and that Janet was completely open and welcoming about me using an image of her painting on my blog. I also really dig her work and I look forward to buying one of the pens she sells on her website.

I love that I can search google images for “butter devil”

I love using google images

heart potato (not from google images)

I love that I am finally back to singing Sacred Harp. I have now gone back 2 Tuesdays in-a-row after my long hiatus (7 or 8 weeks or something crazy like that).

I love our bookkeeper

I love that I am almost done with our taxes, almost enough to send them in to our accountant

And that’s all she wrote

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Don’t be frightened, my pets, but I have a harrowing tale to tell.

Yesterday in my kitchen, I discovered, to my great horror, that someone had opened a second stick of butter and used a clean butter dish even though there was an already-started butter in the other butter dish.

What cataclysmic chain of events could this reversal of the natural order set off? I shudder to think of it.

Have you noticed any strange occurrences in your life? Keys missing? An ink pen leaking all over your new purse? Children crabbier than usual? It could ALL BE CAUSED by the overuse of butter dishes in my little corner of the world.

Until that butter is used up and one of the two dishes sits in its rightful place, clean, in the cupboard, anything could happen. ANYTHING!

You have been warned!

image copyright @Janet K. Miller


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