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Ladies and Gents,

I am a woman; I was born female; or as Her Ladyship Gaga likes to say “Baby, I was born this way.”

I was born complete, with all of my eggs.

I am a perfect vessel for many things. Fornication, procreation, lactation, IF I SO CHOOSE. All of the biggies that somehow some folks seem to think I don’t understand about myself.

I was made unique from the males of the species. There need be no judgement of this; it is fact, not good, not bad; not right, not wrong. Add an intelligent brain and critical thinking to the fact of my biology and I choose that I am right and I am good. I am not bad nor am I wrong; my body’s design is a perfect amalgamation of centuries of evolution.

When our quadrupedal ancestors stood up and eventually evolved into homo sapiens, the genitalia of the males of the species became vulnerable in a way that they are not in a quadruped. Female genitalia, in a fundamentally different way than in any other mammal, became protected and free from the males’ easy accessibility. Add to this that women have a menstrual, as opposed to an estrous, cycle and you have women’s sexual liberation, built right into our unique human biology. Add that women are [potentially] multi-orgasmic. Add that within a pregnant woman’s body, the absolute time and place of life and death exist. These all make for a potentially POWERFUL FORCE OF NATURE.

I will state it a different way: women are powerful forces of nature due to our biology. What about this? Nature can feel threatening because it can seem out-of-control. Sometimes, this makes people uncomfortable. When we are uncomfortable, our fear response is often triggered. The fear response can take the form of fight, flight, freeze, submit, or any combination/manifestation thereof.

Right now, many are mislead into thinking that the females of the human race are somehow wanting. I say we lack nothing; though, like anyone doing the hard work of being human, we have needs and we need support.

We need support for many reasons, not the least of which is to carry out the hard work of being female in an fearful, unjust, uncomprehending world.

Women have always sought ways to prevent pregnancy. Not always has morality been attached to this seeking.

I am tired of confusion. I am tired of obfuscation. I am weary of the twists and lies, misinformation and rhetoric currently sucking energy away from real issues of wealth disparity, war-mongering, environmental degradation, and the hijacking of our country by corporations and corporate interests. I am tired of Rush Limbaugh, the state of Virginia, the misguided political climate, fundamentalist religions, and corporate greed, to name a few, trying to wrest control and power from me.

I declare that no one can call me a whore or a slut unless I say so. If being a whore or a slut means I like sex, always have and likely always will, then I will gladly call myself these things. If you resort to calling me names, then I call you misguided and I suppose you are probably not having the kind of sex you’d like or as frequently.

I choose to be sexually free. I choose to be in charge of when, how, with whom, and where I have sex, as long as it is consensual, and I declare, just like Billy Holiday, that it ain’t nobody’s business if I do.

Kiss your daughters, kiss your wives. Declare your love and admiration for your mothers and sisters, for women with children and women without children. Kiss the ground we walk on and throw rose petals before our feet. Stop using our names against us. Give credit where credit is due. Remember history before god was declared a man, before doctors stole from midwives, and when mother-worship ruled.

Bow down before the original life and death force.

I am grateful that I was born a woman, motherfuckers.

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