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the road through the middle of several farm fields in Hadley on which there is a road sign stating Drifting Snow in black letters on a yellow background with 2 squiggly black lines: in a normal winter, yes. This winter? ironic

the sign at the car wash on Rte 9 heading west just after the I-91 S entrance: ouchless Car Wash. They’ve put back the letter T, but they didn’t really need to, did they?

I see red tails all the time on the telephone lines next to Bay Rd, the hawks surveying the ground for mice and voles, anything, nothing

This clip is not ironic, but it is brilliant, one of my favorites from one of my favorites. That Wes Anderson knows his shit.

This is brilliant, too

I like to think that I’m not as big a fan of The Who as any male could be. I certainly listened to my share of The Who in high school and college. I even saw them at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1980, after the Cincinnati trampling tragedy. My parents were understandably freaked out, but I still went. It was only half of the Silverdome, seating 40,000 instead of 80,000. When I write this, I don’t believe any of it. Not the year, not the numbers, not that I was there, not that I shirked off my parents’ concerns with a teenage disrespect I now understand from the other side.

The Who=Cock Rock

I had tickets to see Led Zeppelin when I was in high school and then Jon Bonham OD’d. Man was I pissed.

Led Zeppelin, although also Cock Rock, still works for me more than The Who.

How can I predict what music I’ll still like in a year? In thirty?

I can say with some assurance that I will never tire of Led Zeppelin’s In My Time of Dying and I think it might be their greatest recording and also one of the finest recorded examples of that particular gospel tune. Robert Plant’s pleading is the heart of the heart of gospel. I love when the drums kick back in to rejoin his a capella solo.

I did look up Blind Willie Johnson’s version, but I am more familiar with him singing “John the Revelator” from the Harry Smith recordings. Amazing.

I notice the slowing of my mental sharpness. I can’t remember lines with any facility like I could in high school. Ironically, I didn’t do any acting from then to about 10 years ago and now I can’t remember lines without a shitload of rehearsing.

Will I eventually be like my mother? How can she last to 97 years like her own mother? That’s 20 more years. I don’t see it. I don’t like it.

Originally, I was going to title this post “oh, the irony” or “small ironies” or “bitter irony” but I couldn’t come up with enough ironic things

And am I born to die? To lay this body down/ And must my trembling spirit fly, into a world unknown?

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I am not crazy about the entire treatment of this old gospel song in the following video, but the opening bars are pure heaven. I don’t much care for the jazzy guitar and drums and no matter how much these two singers work together and love each other, I find the woman’s singing distracting.

It’s a great song in any case, and as I learned from Ysaye Barnwell, was used back in the days of the Civil Rights movement. It can apply equally to our times, to the Occupy movement, to the current current of racism, injustice, economic inequality, attempts at tampering with voting rights. The list goes on.

If you search around on youtube, you’ll find many a square, white version of this, which is a sorry thing indeed if you ask me (and this being my blog….)

This song deserves a full heaping of soul and knowledge of what the lyrics mean and where they come from. And I mean that aside from the Jesus sentiment. All the true Christians may disagree with me and think the lyrics can only be about Jesus in the afterlife, but I know I know what I know.

Happy Birthday, MLK! I am far too ignorant of your brilliance. We need you today and you are here in spirit.

Here you go. SIT AT THE WELCOME TABLE INDEED! (unfortunately poorly recorded):

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I sifted through almost my entire Facebook Wall last night, going back almost the 3-plus years I’ve been on. It was impressive, everything that I wrote, that others wrote to me. Really fun stuff and a lot of good music and musing on politics.

I got nothin’ today. Still not ready to revisit sexy songs. Hubby is away, my car is acting up, there’s a yellow jacket’s nest that I haven’t dealt with on the inside of the door to the shed where the girls’ bikes are stored.

I was thinking about Bonnie Raitt singing “Angel from Montgomery” last week, but not so much today.

I have thought the tiniest bit about Norway, but there’s nothing to be done.

I looked back at Facebook to find the day that our dog, Aggie, died. It was September 19, 2008. I would have thought it was 3 or 4 years, yes.

This is the song that I liked hearing:

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