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I am still here. Still in the limbo of starting many posts which then sit in my drafts folder unfinished.

I don’t want to lose anyone. Trying.

We visited Amherst College’s Museum of Natural History yesterday. That’s something. Family friends were visiting from Ontario and we had so many things to show them in a few short hours.

My photos from the museum aren’t very good, but I couldn’t find anything better on google.

Here you go you bone lovers:

I know the mastodon looks like a mean mistreater, but these are the teeth of a herbivore

presumably, this is how my cat’s skeleton would look if her bones fossilized before being fed in the morning

Yes, I love echinoderms. I have tried to start many poems about them. Nothing happens.

On each of the 3 floors of the beautiful, multi-windowed museum, along one of the walls, there are solid wooden drawers. You open them and inside are beautiful fossils under glass. Who knows what they all are? All of the drawers are labeled, but I don’t care because my brain does not retain the information anyway.

Beautiful feathery pattern of fossilized plant-thing, how much do I love thee?

Yes, there is information and yes, you could lift some of the words to make poems (but maybe not about echinoderms)

You think that is enough? Oh no, mes petites, lookie here:

The hallways are lined with glass cases full of beautiful minerals and gems. So pretty.

But it is not all girly at the museum. They have a triceratops skull and a T rex skull. And giant leg bones of some giant plant-eating dinosaur. But for now you get the T rex.

And finally, the reproduction cast of a dunkleosteus:

You’d think that the dunkleosteus had something to do with donuts, but no, it is named after David Dunkle. Looks like this one had a tasty Hubby snack! Lucky fish! Yum.

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