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Lesson One: Word Recognition

It is well known that dogs can understand up to 40 words.

Today, you will choose the first ten words you would most like your dog to learn.

You will see that some of these examples contain more than one word; for our purposes, they function as one multisyllabic word.

Here our the first ten we’ve decided on for Tweedy:




4. OFF!

5. NO!



8. DOWN!


10. in your crate

You know how helpful it is to encourage visual recognition when a young one is first learning words. To facilitate this, we have taped note cards with each word or phrase in boldface letters on corresponding objects around the house.


Good luck with your pooch. Don’t forget to lead every lesson with the three Cs: confidence, calmness, and consistency.

Remember that no matter how many shoes he ruins, no matter how many $100 vacuum cords he chews, no matter how many wool rugs on which he poops, your dog’s ultimate goal is to please you, his loving owner.

NEXT WEEK: Lesson Two: Is Fido Ready for a Second Language?


Until we meet again, rrrrrrruff from twinkly and Tweedy!

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“…in Sweden, it is illegal to train a seal to balance a ball on its nose…” (Wikipedia, Pinniped)

I  think I took this photo last October and never shared it with you.

If you look at it too much, it will probably give you the creeps. But I am a fan of spiders and have taught myself not to be completely terrified of them like when I was a child (and teenager and college student). I save most of them when possible and I taught my kids to do so as well. We are almost pathological about it.

It was all so long ago, when my friend taught me kill a spider, kill a thousand Buddhas. That was all it took.

The photo quality is horrible so you won’t be able to click and get a close up. It’s from my old camera—water spot, &c. (Even my new camera does not have great resolution when you use the close-up feature on my blog. Next stop? SLR. I know SLR sounds kinky, and maybe it could be, but it just stands for single lens reflex).

I am aware that that might be a bunch of baby spiders or some sort of eggs on its backside. I remember looking as closely as I could at it at the time and thinking, no, this is just the shape of its hiney.*

*aka abdomen or opisthosoma, which sounds Greek (and you know they are kinky).

Do you wish you had an anal tubercle or are you happy with your body the way it is?

I can tell you that I do appreciate spinnerets. What a cool feature.

He may not remember it, but the same friend who taught be about spiders and Buddhas said he wished he had the same type of nostrils as a pinniped so he could close them (or, you might say seal them off, ha ha!) at will; when necessary; in water.

I was not a good mom today. Send me good

Long, long ago, early on in my blogging, I thought a regular feature might be to re-tell some of the stories from our local newspaper’s police blotter. But it didn’t last because mostly there is domestic violence between moms and kids or siblings and siblings or boyfriends and girlfriends or people arguing over money or texting fights and drunk driving and drunken violence with thrown objects and homeless people and urinating and bike/car collisions. And you don’t want to hear about those things, do you? I know you have your own problems.

However, last week’s blotter brought this lovely tidbit:



• 10:26 a.m. — A loose dog wearing a pink scarf was found on Columbia Drive.

There is so much to recommend that news item. It’s so heartening. I feel almost redeemed. And what do you think they mean by loose? Because when I was in high school, that had a particular meaning, if you catch my drift. Wearing pink? It all starts to make sense.

I could not find a good photo of a good dog with a pink scarf when I searched google images, but wouldn’t you know, I found a cat?


Wait, I found one! Who’s a good dog?

 Max (or Maxine)

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I sifted through almost my entire Facebook Wall last night, going back almost the 3-plus years I’ve been on. It was impressive, everything that I wrote, that others wrote to me. Really fun stuff and a lot of good music and musing on politics.

I got nothin’ today. Still not ready to revisit sexy songs. Hubby is away, my car is acting up, there’s a yellow jacket’s nest that I haven’t dealt with on the inside of the door to the shed where the girls’ bikes are stored.

I was thinking about Bonnie Raitt singing “Angel from Montgomery” last week, but not so much today.

I have thought the tiniest bit about Norway, but there’s nothing to be done.

I looked back at Facebook to find the day that our dog, Aggie, died. It was September 19, 2008. I would have thought it was 3 or 4 years, yes.

This is the song that I liked hearing:

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