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HULA HOOP UPDATE: after only 2 minutes on the back porch, I figured out how to hula hoop! Whew am glad I am not as much of a bonehead as I thought. I can walk with it a few steps, turn around a bit, got the rocking problem covered. However, I bought a big, huge, heavy hula hoop but I’m ready to move up to a smaller, more lightweight one. Must I wait for a summer festival?

Funky Meltdown Dance mix (still feeling inspired since seeing the No Nos 2 weeks ago)

Wild Cherry

Earth, Wind, and Fire

KC and the Sunshine Band–it was hard to choose which video to post, they all have their strengths (and weaknesses), but I settled for the one which featured the most hairy, bare-to-the-waist chests

P Funk

The Commodores

And this old gem, which in my memory was a little more up-tempo. Still good dance music even if her voice drags a bit

Apollo Smile


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