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I realized after my coffee concoction post that the name of the drink may be confusing to some. Why is it called a “Big Blue” drink? Where is the food coloring? Is it blue, like sad, like The Blues?

I was introduced to the concept of Big Blue-ness over 25 years ago by my great friend Sheila, aka, “Cheila.” This expression existed WAY before that super computer, but hey, Deep Blue sounds pretty good, too. I could live with that.

So, something Big Blue is intense, extreme, amazing, wonderful, awesome, the best, tops, to the nines…..and on and on into the wild blue yonder. Big Blue-ness can be applied in many circumstances, but it should not be used carelessly.

The above is a photo of a present that Cheila gave me years ago in case I needed something Big and Blue. Only the Big Blue truck is a toy truck and what I really needed and still need sometimes only rhymes with truck. That’s the real expression, as in “You need a Big Blue [rhymes with truck].Got it?

Now go try that coffee drink and you’ll see that it has earned its name.

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