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FINALLY got on my bike on Friday. My heavy(ish) commuter bike and spun around the block 3 miles. UGH. I could really feel it yesterday. But that’s a little unfair. I also went for a hike the day before (“low trail,” easy) and I did about a million loads of laundry and cleaned and washed dishes and did grocery shopping like mad and washed my kitchen floor (which probably hadn’t been done since the last Ice Age) ON MY HANDS AND KNEES (like a good German daughter). It took about 3 passes all over the floor (not really thorough in spite of it) and I think that was the real culprit to the extreme bright muscular pain all along my R ribcage, front and sides and back. That’s all of the serratus—anterior, posterior, superior, inferior; intercostals; pecs (maj and min) and some of the SITTS group and especially the latissumus dorsi. UGH again.

image by Keith Gunderson

This is a beautiful drawing, the likes of which are rarely seen. Why do I think so? Because one doesn’t usually get an attempt at dimensionality like this, with the body out of the standard anatomical planes (see below). As if we, too, are without dimension and as if function and form aren’t intricately married. I love the cutaway so you can see the muscles and bones together. So beautiful.


I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve been starting and abandoning lately. My mind is full of gunk. Because I’m not doing yoga. For I don’t know how many weeks. And because I haven’t been doing anything even mildly cardio (until yesterday). And because I have 2 teenage daughters and both are back in high school and that means I am tied to their schedules (not to mention their attitudes).


We did have our last beach day of summer last Monday. Crane Beach. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. The water was cold (supposedly 65 degrees, but I’m thinking two degrees or more chillier). Gorgeous day, no ER visit on the way home, Gott sei Dank! I swam; I walked and walked and walked up the beach in one direction and down the beach in the other. I swam some more. I did a crawl stroke! I can’t tell you how exciting that is because, well I guess I just did. I even ran about 30 paces up the sand. Twice.

But the pain is still intense sometimes. I still use my pink KT wrap tape. I still use ibuprofin around the clock. I still take salt baths. I still use ice packs. I still massage with any and all sorts of camphorous liniments from the Chinese grocery.

white monkey holding peach balm, a family favorite


Yesterday I did a quickie, 7-mile bike (ROAD BIKE, HALLELUJAH!). It hurt like hell last night, but today I feel stronger. Just a couple of hours ago, I lifted a kayak and an old wooden bed frame and hauled them down to the curb for quick sale. I’m tired from school starting and all of the emotions that go with it, but starting to think that soon I will be back to my old self and able to do yoga, maybe even this week. Maybe I can scrub out the tub too!!! It’s the small things, my pets.

Is this my most boring post ever? It’s not very fun being self-absorbed.


I have about 5 different kinds of liniments from the Chinese grocery on my nightstand and I love every one of them. The little glass jars. The camphor and mint smells. The picture of the old Chinese man and the picture of the tiger.

I have no idea what this stuff is, but I love the name: WONG TO YICK


When I went to pick up my farm share yesterday morning, a friend looked at my fuscia hair and asked (I paraphrase) you are on a new wild streak? To which I said, oh, no, not new. It’s been going on for quite a while.

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I’ve been drafting posts. Drafting, drafting. Deleting. Saving. Ignoring. Bored, boring.

Before I can post today’s post, I have to go back a few weeks and fill you in on my life. You think keeping up with your own life is hard? this is what it takes to keep up with mine. Some of these details were filled in in this post and this post. I’m scattershot. I’m restless. I have no confidence in myself as a blogger any more. This is why

[Wednesday, August 15]: I re-injured my rib last Thursday morning [August 9], leaning over from the driver’s seat to the floor of the passenger side, putting pressure on the arm rest with my lower front -side ribs. OUCH!

It didn’t hurt terribly until Saturday [Aug 11] but with the help of rather constant ibuprofin, salt baths, and ice, I managed to do most of whatever I needed to do.

Tuesday [Aug 14], we went to pick up Violet at her friend’s house, only 40 minutes from the beach, so we thought, why not hit Crane for a couple of hours? I was fine at the beach, fine in the 60 degree water, sort of able to fall backwards and do an itty-bitty back frog- stroke and an itty-bitty breast stroke (no real backstroke or crawl, though reaching my right arm overhead on land seems quite comfortable).

Just as we were packing up, I did something to the right side. Something horrible. Something startling and painful, deep-in-the-gut, take-your-breath-away painful. Each of my hands started to go numb and my head got light and fuzzy. I thought I was going to throw up or pass out or both.

We skipped dinner and grabbed Violet from her friend’s. I complained and freaked. I alternated between not feeling any pain to being filled with crazy fear. I inhibited, I om shanti‘ed, I centered myself, I thought my best Alexander thinking.

I decided I needed to go to the ER.

We went to Emerson Hospital on Rte 2, right outside of Concord and near Walden Pond. How can you go wrong with a hospital named after Ralph Waldo? I must be the luckiest busted-rib girl in Massachusetts. That and the doctor was good-lookin’. But there were no female doctors, so eff that.

Though taping or binding ribs in cases of fracture is no longer recommended, I fortunately ran into my PT friend this week [Aug 16] and she said she will put some of that kinesio tape (like the OLYMPIANS!!!) on me tomorrow night. Not in fuscia to match my hair, but hey, I’ll take skin tone if it means I can start moving more….please please please let me bike and hike and yoga soon.

Here’s a photo recap of last Thursday’s Gogol trip:

common sight on I-91 and/or I-89 in VT

Me and secret kid in back seat (note fuschia hair, hint hint kinesio tape designers)

Gogol show was rain delayed and by the time they played, there was only an hour and a quarter before they were kicked off stage, 10 pm curfew!!!! CRAPPY and not a great show. No encore. I was in the front “row” most of the time, grabbing my side lest someone should slam into me. I found 2 women at the show who had read one of my older Gogol posts but I did not find The Wanderlust Queen.

Next morning, we ate at one of the coolest restaurants in Burlington. Look what was in a couple of the tables upstairs:

Yeah. I know you don’t believe it. You know how I feel about rocks.



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