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I am not crazy about the entire treatment of this old gospel song in the following video, but the opening bars are pure heaven. I don’t much care for the jazzy guitar and drums and no matter how much these two singers work together and love each other, I find the woman’s singing distracting.

It’s a great song in any case, and as I learned from Ysaye Barnwell, was used back in the days of the Civil Rights movement. It can apply equally to our times, to the Occupy movement, to the current current of racism, injustice, economic inequality, attempts at tampering with voting rights. The list goes on.

If you search around on youtube, you’ll find many a square, white version of this, which is a sorry thing indeed if you ask me (and this being my blog….)

This song deserves a full heaping of soul and knowledge of what the lyrics mean and where they come from. And I mean that aside from the Jesus sentiment. All the true Christians may disagree with me and think the lyrics can only be about Jesus in the afterlife, but I know I know what I know.

Happy Birthday, MLK! I am far too ignorant of your brilliance. We need you today and you are here in spirit.

Here you go. SIT AT THE WELCOME TABLE INDEED! (unfortunately poorly recorded):

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