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Don’t be frightened, my pets, but I have a harrowing tale to tell.

Yesterday in my kitchen, I discovered, to my great horror, that someone had opened a second stick of butter and used a clean butter dish even though there was an already-started butter in the other butter dish.

What cataclysmic chain of events could this reversal of the natural order set off? I shudder to think of it.

Have you noticed any strange occurrences in your life? Keys missing? An ink pen leaking all over your new purse? Children crabbier than usual? It could ALL BE CAUSED by the overuse of butter dishes in my little corner of the world.

Until that butter is used up and one of the two dishes sits in its rightful place, clean, in the cupboard, anything could happen. ANYTHING!

You have been warned!

image copyright @Janet K. Miller


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