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Last week’s Music Monday got me thinking about this song.

From my meager knowledge, this is about as close as we get to a modern [American] murder ballad; I realize it lacks certain elements that tend to be present in the genre.

There’s another live version of Springsteen doing this on a 12-string. I prefer it, but the recording is a bit harsh and his voice, more monotone. Something feels more authentic about it though. (Actually, I truly prefer the studio version but it’s not on youtube anyway).

As I was trolling around on youtube, thank God that I found this, too. I had no idea Springsteen had it in him to be this sexually bold in a song. The version released on “Born to Run” was suggestive, but not really, right? It’s all teenage pop with no room for the bravado and double entendre.

Sadly, without some remixing, it’s hard to hear the vocals clearly-they’re pretty sketchy.

After that, I’m ’bout ready to let Bruce feel my own crushed velvet seats.

Late breaking post update: I just found out that “Pink Cadillac” was not released on “Born to Run.” Whatever the hell I used to hear as a radio hit must have been the B side of “Dancing in the Dark.”

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