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This may be the best Wes Anderson ever. There will be no review, but I will tell you a few things that I loved.

raccoon patch (badge?) of the Khaki Scouts

the canoes

the tents

those dark green canvas tents we had to use when I was a kid at summer camp in Charlevoix, Michigan and how they would not repel water when it rained

the smell of mildew (actually hate this, but it’s a stark memory; the first time I smelled it was at summer camp)

Edward Norton’s character

the two lead actors

Bill Murray’s face

Bill Murray’s naked belly

Billy Murray’s hair

the inside of the sheriff’s trailer (SO MUCH!)


Gogol Bordello (oops, that wasn’t in the movie)

the Benjamin Britten, Hank Williams, Mark Mothersbaugh, et al, soundtrack

the Burnell family (okay, you don’t know what that means or who they are, but trust me, they belong in this post)

growing up in the 1960s and 70s and how much Wes Anderson seems to understand this about me


the repeated motifs of death and loss and love in Anderson’s movies

recognizing the Ocean House at Watch Hill near the end of the movie

crisp writing

attention to detail

clear vision

trusting the audience’s intelligence

I went to the movie having seen a trailer for it only once and that was a few months ago. I recommend the same. In fact, you shouldn’t even be reading this post.

I loved going over the fine flaws in the film with Hubby afterward. I love knowing that the flaws don’t matter, even the more gross ones, because its heart, its heart, its heart is in the right place and we trust Wes Anderson.

My kids being at the movie, sitting behind us, getting the movie. Getting it and asking to see it again, asap.

The trailer for Sleeper that was played before the movie because Amherst Arts Cinema will be doing a Woody Allen retrospective this summer. Knowing how shitty his last movie was in spite of people falling all over themselves saying how great it was and what a return to form. How shitty his new movie looks even though I’ve never been to Rome. BUT BUT BUT, I am trying to trust that his old stuff will please, oh god, please, stand the test of time so I can go to see some of those movies again on the big screen, what a gift, I hope I hope I hope. We used to watch several of these films at home when we still had a VCR player. We had about 5 of his really good films. I remember that Hannah and Her Sisters was busted and wouldn’t play anyway. What to do with all of this waste, this plastic, this human folly? But I digress….

the little plastic record player that is featured in the film and is built and folds into its own case so cleverly. You already know I didn’t have one of those growing up, remember?

C’est tout, mes petites….

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