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Considering that I have just become the Production Manager for a 7th Grade production of “Mary Poppins,” I fear I will not be writing as much as I had hoped on my fabulous new blog. At least for the next month.

I have thought of a quickie post, though, and it could be a bit fun.

Can you spot the lyrics I have lifted from 3 different songs in my New Year’s poem? If you don’t want to know yet, look away because here come the answers.

We are all forgiven: “A Quick One While He’s Away” by The Who. This notion, however, that we are all forgiven, comes straight down from the New Testament.

I got the blues:  “I Got the Blues” by the Rolling Stones.

I struggle and pant to be free:  “Panting for Heaven,” #384, The Sacred Harp.

Ciao! twinkly

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