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My second publishing credit in an online arts journal, up today at qarrtsiluni.com


XO, twinkly

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Not every song that I post can be a work of genius, but you get the point.

I can’t ride my own motherfucking bike (and feel righteous!) because I’m on Week 3 of R shoulder injury. Ain’t that a bitch?

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Turtle Facts From My Brain*

turtles are reptiles (therefore cold-blooded, therefore seek to sun themselves in warm places)

a turtle’s shell is made up of 13 plates

turtle is water critter; tortoise, land

THIRTEEN PLATES! Each and every turtle. How cool is that?

The mama sea turtle arduously drags her body onto the beach where she herself was hatched and in an annual ancient instinctual ritual, she digs a hole in the sand with her back legs (flippers?) and lays her (gooey) eggs. As the turtlings** hatch and attempt to crawl to the sea, thousands die in an ensuing feeding frenzy.

Once the giant sea turtle reaches maturity, it has few natural enemies (save MAN) and can live for over a hundred or two hundred years. Same with the giant tortoises.

Habitat Destruction and Environmental Degradation

I saw a giant sea turtle when I was snorkeling in the ocean in Hawaii. Yes, it was huge and beautiful and I can hardly believe it happened to me.

snapping turtle

oviparous (though some reptiles give birth to live young)

need wet places to lay their eggs (go turtle mamas, go!)

I drove my car home on 116 in S. Amherst on Friday. A turtle was in the middle of the southbound lane.

The turtle was in an apparent state of shock while car after car ran over it (not the wheels), not moving for at least the 4 minutes in which my car approached, I took in the sight, turned around about two blocks ahead, parked in the middle of the road (this is a busy street, peeps!), grabbed a towel, picked it up the turtle, put it in the grass away from the street….

Did the turtle crawl back into the busy road after I moved it? Don’t know.

*no, really, these tidbits are what I remember from any episode I’ve ever seen of Nature about turtles. Fact check me. Go ahead, I dare ya.

**turtlings is NOT a real word, but if you use it, I will know what you mean

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…since I haven’t posted since that last one, the longest I’ve ever gone without writing here. Makes me sad kinda like the rest of my life right now. twinkly

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